About Us

In the beginning, It’s a Haggerty’s was not a business but an opportunity to create custom apparel for friends, family members, and show clients. Terrie Haggerty, founder and creative visionary for It’s A Haggerty’s, grew up in Southern California and began riding and showing as a teenager. Alongside her riding, Terrie also had a thriving horse blanket wash and repair business where she was able to meet and connect with riders and trainers from all over California, and later expanded to more states.

After many years of riding, showing, training, sewing, and traveling, Terrie cultivated an eye for quality textiles, patterns, and opportunities to expand her business. This is when It’s A Haggerty’s was born. First, it was just an all-purpose pad or two, but that quickly expanded into bonnets, quarter zips, saddle covers, and a variety of pads.

It’s A Haggerty’s is truly a family-run business, and we welcome you to look around our website and see what we have to offer.

It's A Haggerty's Team Members